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At Drain-Aid Plumbing, we take pride in our long history of reliable service and our reputation for integrity, and we continue to work hard to earn that reputation with every job we take on. We do this by providing top tier work at a fair price, and standing behind everything that we do. Our roster of plumbing services includes:


Our goal is to repair your plumbing problems safely and efficiently. In many cases, plumbing needs may be an emergency, such as a burst pipe in the middle of the night. To that end we have service personnel available during overnight hours and on call every weekend, allowing us to be onsite and ready to handle all of your pluming needs as rapidly as possible. All of our service providers are ready to handle any type of plumbing need, for both residential and commercial applications.

At Drain-Aid Plumbing, we are committed to the highest standards of customer satisfaction and support.

Drain Cleaning

You don’t really appreciate the drainage system within your home or business until it suddenly fails. When you can no longer remove dirty water or sewage from the property, things get ugly in a hurry. A clogged drain pipe simply means that anything on your side of that drain is not going anywhere, at least not any time soon.

At Drain-Aid Plumbing, our team of service technicians has the skill and training needed to handle even the largest cases of drainage problems, backups, and overflow. We can get your drains unclogged and recommend the proper maintenance needed to prevent the problem from recurring in the future.

Leak Detection

Most of the water damage problems that any property can face are the direct result of small, seemingly insignificant leaks that are allowed to go unnoticed for an extended period of time. Small leaks are perfectly capable of generating major repair bills. The leak goes undiscovered, and by the time it is found, major damage may have already occurred. This means damage to the flooring, ceilings (if the leak occurred upstairs), drywall, not to mention your homes electrical and HVAC systems.

At Drain-Aid Plumbing, we recommend periodic inspections of all of your property’s piping and conduits. Our team of service technicians knows exactly what to look for, where to look for it, and what to do with it when they find it.

Sewer Line Repair

Sewage problems take the water damage threat a few steps further, because any surface or individual object that comes into contact with sewage should be considered contaminated and hazardous. These surfaces are going to require serious cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection, and even minor sewage spills are more than enough to cause major problems, requiring the services of a professional plumbing professional.

At Drain-Aid Plumbing, we offer sewer line repair services for residential, commercial, and emergency situations on a 24/7 availability. We work around your schedule and your needs, because we are fully aware that plumbing problems do not pay attention to clocks, schedules, or your preferences, and we work hard on every job to provide quality, courteous service.

Drain-Aid Plumbing is the go-to authority for all of your plumbing repair and maintenance needs. We are available 24/7 and all of our service vehicles are properly equipped with common parts and equipment, allowing us to be ready to handle your emergency plumbing scenarios much faster than our competitors. Our technicians are experienced in handling everything from modern plumbing designs to vintage washroom fixtures and antique piping setups. We will be onsite as rapidly as possible following your call, ready to assess the problem and take the proper course of action. Our goal is to limit the problem by properly stabilizing the situation and applying the appropriate fix. You can reach our office at (909) 717-3177, or through email at

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