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Plumbing Maintenance from DRAIN-AID PLUMBING

Without the proper tools, it is hard to do a task correctly. DRAIN-AID PLUMBING's state-of-the-art equipment helps us get the job done, adding value to your property. Contact us in San Bernardino, CA,  to handle your plumbing maintenance issues.

Electronic Leak Detection & Slab Leak Specialists

Some leak symptoms are obvious—ceiling, wall, or floor saturation or moisture. You may also hear running water when there is no water in use. If there are warm spots that are felt while walking across the floor, this could be a big indication of a hot water slab leak. A high water bill is also an indication of a water leak. With a hot water leak, there might be a high gas bill, due to the gas water heater working overtime. We can save you money on utility bills, and this can be especially helpful with property management.

When repairing a slab leak, the homeowner has a couple of choices, one of which is a spot repair that is done by first detecting where the leak is coming from. Then we open the slab at the exact spot of the leak, cutting out the bad piece of pipe and installing a new piece. Alternatives to a spot repair are to reroute the line or to perform a re-pipe.

A line reroute is where the existing plumbing line is abandoned, and a new water line is run through the walls and overhead. A house re-pipe is much like a reroute, but is done throughout the whole house and requires the plumber to abandon the existing plumbing lines in the home and run new lines—hot, cold, or both—to all water supplied fixtures.

If a house has a galvanized piping system, a re-pipe is normally recommended to reduce the chance of future leaks, saving you money on repairs. Galvanized lines have a tendency to rust and accumulate build up in the lines, which could cause loss of water volume. Re-pipes can be done in either copper piping or PEX Tubing.